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Learn By Doing (Good)

Connection + Professional Development + Purpose = Engagement & Productivity

Are you struggling to fit in the professional development, social impact & meaningful connections that your team desires?

How about doing it all at once?

Our well-designed, values-driven social impact events combine collaboration skill development, volunteering, and team bonding all in one.

Your team gets:

  • New skills to jumpstart collaboration on your projects

  • Enhanced wellbeing from practicing these skills while completing a meaningful charitable project

  • A renewed sense of connection to the team

Did You Know?

Values-driven social impact events can positively affect

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Neuroscience shows that when you do good for others, brain chemicals are released that create the ideal learning state and support retention!

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Well-designed social impact events help employees re-define their "ingroups" and "outgroups," increasing the empathy needed for DEIB efforts

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Engagement & Retention

Studies show that employees that volunteer have higher engagement and feel more emotionally attached to the company that organized the event

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Volunteering can increase mood and reduce stress levels and even provide a "helper's high" when designed intentionally

How it Works

Our Favorite Events

With each event, you get double impact! 


Your team learns collaboration skills that make it easier for them to work together AND you all do good for the community.

The Details:

  • Time:  Standard = 2 hours; can be shortened to 75-90 mins. or expanded into 1/2 or full day workshops.

  • Investment: You get the 2-hour,  virtual live-facilitated workshop for up to 10 people for $495 + shipping*

  • Format: Delivered to remote or hybrid teams via Zoom or we can come to you if your team is co-located

  • Included

    • Pre-workshop call to discuss your teambuilding goals​

    • All supplies for the workshop (learning & service project materials)

    • Post-workshop activities and resources to reinforce & sustain learning

    • Leadership coaching at a reduced price (optional)

*Quantity discounts apply for groups larger than 10 and/or for multiple workshops throughout the year.  Shipping fee is waived for in-person events in the DFW area.

Interested in a custom event?  We tailor to your business goals, skill development needs, charitable passions, time, and budget. 

Contact us today.

Want to hear more about how the experiences work?  Check out this podcast episode!

"Teri was hired to create an engaging holiday event for my group coaching clients. The intention was for the event to be thought-provoking and entertaining and for it to build connections among the group. Teri knocked it out of the park. It was well-organized and fun. Even though it was a fairly big group, she did things to allow smaller groups to build deeper connections in a remote setting. Teri was an absolute professional to work with; she followed through on every action item, so everything was ready to go when people jumped on the Zoom session. I highly recommend her services for your next event.

Nikki Rausch, CEO Sales Maven

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