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Let's transform overwhelm into impact.

You're thrilled to be in your new role, leading a team.

You're eager to develop your skills, because leadership for you is not just a job, it's a lifelong calling.

But, the overwhelm is REAL.

And you're dealing with a whole new set of human dynamics.

Is the impact you dream of really possible?

You're eager to gain leadership clarity & confidence.


Hi, I'm Teri

How would your days be different if you had a trusted partner to get you past the overwhelm and the challenges of leading in a male-centric workplace to the full use of your leadership capability? My sole goal is to ensure that you gain the clarity, confidence, and skills needed to lead as you are uniquely designed.

With over 20 years of experience improving the performance of leaders and teams in the corporate and nonprofit sectors and a passion for helping leaders thrive while they create more compassionate and just workplaces, I'm here for you.

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Your first trust

Do you want a high performing team?

Your first and most important step is to start building trusting relationships.

How do you do that?  Get curious.

We've created a list of key questions for you ask your leader and your team.


The conversations will give you insight into their values, desires, and preferences and will lay the foundation for future trust-building.

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