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Are you in a new leadership role?

It's Your Time.

Let's transform your overwhelm into impact.

Who This Works For

You're in an exciting time of growth, and you have moments where you wonder if you can handle it.  What an exciting next step to making the impact that you crave.

But there is SO MUCH to learn.  

You'd love to have time to read all the leadership books and take all of the leadership courses so that you could feel more confident, but between trying to learn your new job, to build trust, and give direction to your new team, that's just not happening.


How will you advocate for yourself, your team, and bring more compassion into the workplace?  How will you succeed with your own brand of leadership, not by conforming to the norms? 


You don't want it to feel this overwhelming.  You don't want to just survive through this time of transition.

Our custom coaching packages give you the clarity & confidence you crave.

Early investment in your leadership is worth it.

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Engagement & Retention

57 percent of employees quit because of their leader.  Avoid that costly  & exhausting turnover by investing in leadership development.




Leaders that provide stability, trust, compassion and hope drive high performance.  To effectively do this, you need your own clarity & confidence.

Clarity & confidence make you in the driver seat for a fulfilling career.


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Leaders affect employee mental health more than doctors or therapists and the same amount as spouses/partners.

When you have clarity & confidence, you engage in your daily work and career with intention, enhancing your own wellbeing.



"Working with Teri has been an invaluable experience for me as I grow as a leader. Often times leadership coaching is viewed as a luxury or a “nice to have;” however, my experience with Teri has helped me realize how essential it is to ensuring my overall job satisfaction and increased confidence in my abilities and the career decisions I’ve made.


By helping me uncover my values and strengths as a leader, Teri has helped me understand what is important to me in a role and what I uniquely bring to the table.


This has given me confidence when confronted with challenges in a new role, helping me realize that when things aren’t going right, it may be because of misalignment with my values rather than a deficiency with my abilities.


She has also helped me develop practical strategies to address challenges I've faced, including how to build trust within a new team, how to approach difficult conversations, and how to support a team through a time of uncertainty.


I am so grateful for my time with Teri and the growth I have seen in myself and the teams I lead as a result of her coaching."

Lauren Rabin, Senior Manager

Coaching Packages


How it Works

We'll start with an intro call to get to know each other and learn more about your leadership journey and goals.

If desired, we'll move forward with designing a custom coaching solution for you to meet your needs and your budget.  

Although the solution looks different for every client, every solution follows our leadership development model of Ground - Grow - Give and may include the use of assessments (e.g. CliftonStrengths) and development of skills such as:

  • 360 leadership - Developing strong relationships with your boss, peers, and team

  • Leading remote/hybrid employees - Motivating performance and creating connection with intention

  • Developing your unique leadership voice - Understanding and using your strengths & values

  • Setting strategy, goals & measurement - Planning for your team's support of organizational goals and establishing measurement of their contribution

  • Negotiation - Using influence to arrive at mutually acceptable solutions

  • Transforming conflict -  Turning the energy-draining friction of conflict into generative productivity

  • Building trust - Designing interactions with your team and colleagues so that they create confidence in your competence and character

  • Motivating your team - Facilitating high performance by aligning work with team members' strengths and providing appropriate challenge

  • Enhancing wellbeing - Developing habits to thrive at work and at home

Coaching Program

What People Say


Nicole de Paz, Pediatrician

I was connected with Teri at a key point in my professional and personal life--I was a new mom, adjusting to a recent move, trying to figure out the next phase of my career--lots of transitions! I always felt like I came out with a clearer view of things. I really appreciated Teri's approach--she listened well, asked thoughtful questions, and helped guide me to look at the issue at hand from multiple perspectives. I never felt like she was pushing any one "right" answer, but instead felt like she was genuinely invested in me and being a sounding board for whatever I was working on. I think Teri's coaching program would be excellent for any woman who is interested in working toward the best version of herself in multiple spheres of life (work, home, relationships, community, etc).

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Jessica Rohani, Psychologist

Teri helped me reframe my thinking by identifying and focusing on my strengths and the types of activities that energize me. I found that Teri’s service-oriented values and empathetic listening truly aided our coaching partnership, and I would recommend her coaching to anyone looking to grow into the best version of themself.

Questions? Ready to invest in yourself to move forward?

Let's set up some time to talk, so that I can better understand your goals, ensure I'm the best person to assist you, and answer any questions you have.  

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