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Donate by May 10, 2023 to support girls & women worldwide and get a complimentary 45-min. leadership coaching session



Do you love win-win opportunities?

Here's one for you today.

We are providing complimentary 45-minute leadership coaching sessions to anyone who  makes a donation  ($25 minimum recommended) to  Together Women Rise  by May 10, 2023!

Win #1: You support the advancement of women and girls globally


Recently, on the  Strong Leaders Serve podcast , I interviewed the co-founder and CEO of  Together Women Rise . It was one of our most inspiring episodes yet, as they shared how the organization started with a small group of women who decided to dine in for a birthday party and pooled and donated the money they saved to benefit girls across the globe.

Hearing how their 20-year old organization has now benefitted over 5 million women and girls in 60 countries made we want to do something to contribute to their work...and Coaching for Good was born!

When you donate to Together Women Rise, you help fund projects that contribute to their goal of helping women and girls in the developing world achieve their potential, gain equality in their countries and cultures, and overcome economic limitations and social bias.

Win #2: You get access to complimentary leadership coaching to tackle a pressing leadership challenge.


You might use the time to discuss:

  • How to build trust on your team, when some (or all) of your employees are remote

  • How to show your team that you care for them when there's no $ to spend

  • How to balance leading people and getting things done

  • How to have a difficult conversation that you know you need to have

  • Or something else...


Are you in? Here's how you can be part of this win-win opportunity:

  1. Make your donation at  

  2. Email a copy of your donation acknowledgement to  

  3. Book your complimentary session ($200 value)!

Sessions can be used anytime before July 10th.


Sessions are limited and booking will close either on May 10th or when all sessions are full.

Please consider sharing this opportunity with your friends so we make the biggest impact possible!

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