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Pocket Coach is perfect when you: 

  • Are a new leader looking for the best path to quickly hone your skills OR a mid-level leader looking for how to uplevel your leadership skills to deal with the new challenges and opportunities you're facing

  • Want timely leadership advice for handling tricky situations without bothering your busy boss

  • Desire to experience some of the benefits of coaching in the flow of your work

The benefits you receive are: 

  • Increased confidence from learning through your daily leadership challenges with an experienced guide on your side

  • Reduced stress & leadership loneliness as you always have access to a coach for input and guidance

  • Enhanced ability to drive team performance, engagement, and wellbeing


Using Smart Phone

Pocket Coach

A coach when you need one.
Minimal Time + Maximum Return

What’s included:

Intro Session

In this 50-min. session,

we'll get to know each other, talk about your leadership goals, discuss details about your team, and select focus areas for your leadership development plan.

Custom Leadership Development Path & Resources

Select 1 topic/month from a list of the most important leadership skills & mindsets to develop.


We'll send you our favorite resources customized to your length and media preferences.

Unlimited 1-1 Coaching via Voxer*

Ask questions like: 

    I have a new team member who is fully remote.  What are some ways that I can be intentional about connecting with her?

PLUS: If you have a challenge that requires a longer conversation, or you'd like some face-to-face time, you get 25% off single coaching sessions as a Pocket Coach subscriber!

Ready to Get Started?

Book today or schedule a free discovery call with me so we can determine if this is the best program for you.



2 months free!

*Voxer is a free walkie-talkie app that we can use to send voice and text messages to each other.

Monthly payment plans are available.

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